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"It's all about the look"
"It's all about the look"
"It's all about the look"
"It's all about the look"

Only having the idea is not enough.
It is worthless if you cannot

bring it to life.


Stand out or
blend in

We approach each project with particular dedication and attention to detail in order to create and deliver functional and effective designs that are here to stay.

What we do is not merely our job, it is our vocation. We love creating new things and take delight in each new project like a child does in a new box of Legos.

Behind every project, there is a story...

Getting the best results for our clients

Working with 2ché was a great experience. A skilled team who really understand your feedback and know how to convert your ideas into a design.

Maarten Onderwater

Their work is impressive and I have been completely satisfied with their delivery, attention to detail, value for money and approach to customer service.

Dr Dheeraj Khiytani

They were extremely understanding throughout the project, they offered amazing advice and were extremely creative when it came to problem solving.

Regan Kirk
Base Nutrition

Touché is a swift and efficient team with one major goal, to accomplish whatever client desires. It is pleasure doing business with them- the results, are always exceptional.

Miran Katar
Mikagi Guitars

A team that can make the difference of you having a great site or you having to spend time and money again and again whilst still not being satisfied with the results.

Matthew Andriani
Mazebolt Security

These guys became part of our community. With their positive approach they’re bringing passion and love to each project. Friendly and always available.

Mateja Horvat
Senior EU project manager

Where we are

Although we are located in Croatia, we see ourselves as a primarily online-based design boutique.

How to reach us


I have the
high ground

One does not simply beat anyone
who has the high ground!

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